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Attendance & Leave Management System

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An employee management is an information system that supports the relationship between a
company and its employees. Employee management has focused on enabling employees to collaborate on typical managerial tasks with their employers.

Leave management module allows us to define various leave types ranging from earned/privileged leave(PL), casual leave (CL), sick leave (SL), compensatory off (comp offs), maternity leave (ML), paternity leave. The module allows create and configure leave types as per grades, designation & locations. The leave module gives the flexibility to define leaves based on the hours worked on the day – Half paid day (HPD) or half-day leave without pay (HLWP).

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Attendance & Leave Management System includes:

Leave Management

Allows employees and their managers to manage their leaves systematically without any extra efforts from HR and provides a seamless employee life cycle management system

Detailed Leave Reports

Allows you to generate detailed reports with information such as the history of leaves taken, approved, rejected, or pending by any employee.

Employee Database

Employee information module provides to store, manage, and monitor centralized employee database effectively with ease. It also allows you to quickly access to your required information through selection and filter criteria.

Year-end Processing

Automate leave lapsing, carry-forward and encashment, etc.
With our easy-to-use leave year-end process, complete the year-end processing to automatically compute leave lapses, carry-forwards, leave encashment, etc., for all
employees as per your policy. Get accurate results and a smooth transition to the next to leave year.

Holiday List

Create different holiday lists for different locations, if your organization is geographically distributed across states or countries. Easily prepare and publish the company’s holiday list, including both general and restricted holidays.

Key Benefits of Employee Attendance & Leave Management System

  • Manages employee’s personal/family/company details.
  • Manages employee daily/ weekly/ monthly work reports.
  • View/approve/reject employee leave requests.
  • Maintain all records in a centralized manner which help in easy tracking of leaves & attendance.
  • Keep track on employee’s overtime, permissions, and holidays.
  • Assign accessibility and accessing security to safeguard employees.
  • Monitor productivity of employees & check employee absenteeism which helps in achieving organizational goals.

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