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Society Registration, under, The Society Registration Act, in India, lays down certain procedures for the sake of society registration & operation. This act was implemented with the purpose of augmenting the legal stipulations of society registration for the advancement of literature, fine arts, science or distribution of awareness for bountiful purposes.

Societies are generally established for the promotion of science, literature, or the fine arts, for instruction, the diffusion of useful knowledge, the diffusion of political education, the foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms for general use among the members or open to the public, or public museums and galleries of paintings and other works of art, collection of natural history, mechanical and philosophical inventions, instruments or designs, etc.

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Key Features & Benefits
  • Law for Societies are governed by Societies Registration Act.
  • Seven persons are required to form a trust with no upper limit.
  • Complete renewal of members is possible and objects can be modified easily.
  • The legal requirements are much simpler than in the case of a trust or Section 25 companies.
  • Stamp Duty required on MOA.
  • Society has a more democratic set up with membership and an elected body to manage the society. Due to democratic procedures, the society can be taken over by elements opposed to the founding members.
Society Membership

Accordingly, a minimum of 7 individuals are required to register a society as against 2 individuals in case of a Trust. Also, the registration application to be filed with the registrar of companies must include the Memorandum of Association. Furthermore, it should also contain rules and regulations of the society. Thus, the Memorandum must contain the following components:

  • Name, area and address of the registered office of the society.
  • Name of members of the governing body.
  • Objects and names of promoters.

Also, a document containing rules pertaining to termination of members, meeting of the society etc also needs to be submitted.

Registration Process
  • The founder members have to agree on a name for the society
  • The members have to prepare the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the society
  • The following documents are prepared, signed and submitted for society registration:
  • The signed MOA and rules and regulations are filed with the Registrar of societies.
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