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Changing laws, working and compensation models increase the complexity of your payroll. These challenges lead to questions in the daily business even when you already have a well-functioning payroll process in place.

Lex Koterie’s payroll experts work with you to unravel the complexities, implement practical and proven solutions to overcome your challenges and help you manage your payroll more effectively. As one of your most critical processes, it’s essential that your payroll system always runs smoothly.

With our managed payroll solution, we manage everything from the data validation, calculation, payroll processing and reporting of your payroll, plus:

Our payroll services eliminate the need for employing a payroll professional within your organization. Our dedicated and qualified, payroll professionals will support you with help and advice every step of the way in order to simplify payroll with dynamic customer service for quick & easy pay day.

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What is Payroll?

Payroll is a list of employees who get paid by the company. Payroll also refers to the total amount of
money employer pays to the employees. As a business function, it involves:

In short, we can say that payroll process involves arriving at what is due to the employees also
called as ‘net pay’ after adjusting necessary taxes and other deductions.

Stages of Payroll Processing

Statutory Compliances in Indian Payroll

Payroll processing is an essential business function that involves arriving at the ‘net pay’ of the employees after the adjustment of necessary taxes and deductions. For an efficient payroll management process, the payroll administrator needs to plan the payroll process step-by-step and need to monitor changes to with holdings, contribution to social security funds, etc. The entire process can be split into three stages, pre-payroll, actual payroll and post payroll activities.

Pre Payroll

Defining Payroll Policy
Gathering Inputs
Input Validation

Actual Payroll Process

Payroll Calculations

Post Payroll

Statutory Compliances
Payroll Accounting
Payout & Reporting

Statutory Compliances in Indian Payroll

When you run payroll, being statutory compliant means that you are paying as per the applicable employment norms set by the central and state legislation. The common statutory requirements that apply to Indian businesses include the provision for minimum wages, payment of overtime wages to workers, TDS deduction, contribution to social security schemes such as PF, ESI, etc.

While computing salary you need to consider all these deductions and contributions. Income tax is one such deduction. At the beginning of the year, the employee is asked to make a declaration about his additional incomes, tax saving investments, etc. called as ‘income tax declaration.’ Accordingly, employee’s tax liability is calculated, and TDS is deducted.

Why Lex Koterie LLP payroll expert?

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Lex Koterie LLP helps to overcome the complexities & risk associated with sourcing, managing & delivering payroll services

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Deep expertise in payroll services & access to different experts with expertise such as immigration, tax, social security.

Increased Accuracy

We unify & standardize your payroll processes and improve efficiency & payroll compliances.


Support & implementation regarding insurance coverage/ contract related to social insurances.

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Customized Payroll

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We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successfull and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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Through our service lines, we help our clients capitalize on transformative opportunities - now, next & beyond.

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Together, we help you create lasting value & responsible growth to make your business fit for tomorrow.

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