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“Lex Koterie’s Intellectual Property (‘IP’) practice is one of the most process driven verticals in the legal industry”.

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With the arrival of the knowledge and information technology era, intellectual assets have gained extensive importance. As a result, intellectual property (IP) and intellectual property rights (IPRs) attached thereto have become valuable commodities and are being intensely protected. Since IPRs are country-specific, it is vital, in a global economy, to determine and analyze the nature of protection afforded to IPRs in each jurisdiction. India has also recognized the value of Intellectual Property, which has been time and again supported by the courts, legislators and the industry.

Now, India is a signatory to various Intellectual Property treaties and conventions and there are well-established administrative, statutory, and judicial frameworks for safeguarding IPRs in India. Recent judicial pronouncements and steps taken by different enforcement agencies demonstrate that India is gearing up for an effective protection and enforcement of IPRs. We undertake top bracket, high-end complex IP work, and serve to address the entire range from global project management registrations and searches, IP litigation including patent litigation.

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Lex Koterie’s patent practice focuses on delivering comprehensive advice on protecting and enhancing the value of an innovative patent portfolio. Our services include:

  • Ensuring adequate and proper patent related to documentation.
  • Patent drafting, patent drawings and the corresponding filing.
  • Patent licensing and enforcement.
  • Develop a world-wide patent strategy.
  • Maintain a world-wide patent portfolio.
  • Focus exclusively on technology related patents, healthcare, medical device and
    manufacturing patents.

Our patent lawyers are qualified to represent you in multiple jurisdictions.


Lex Koterie’s foundational pillars of trademark practice focuses upon

  • Creating an effective brand strategy.
  • Developing practicality necessary trademark filings.
  • Assist brand owners to protect current and future products and services.
  • Creating cost-effective strategies for filing, enforcing, defending and licensing trademarks, both in & outside India.


Lex Koterie’s copyright practice focuses upon

  • Providing comprehensive legal advice on all types of copyright issues, including
    ownership rights, copyright renewal and termination rights, moral rights, assignment,
    acquisitions, sales, licensing and enforcement strategies, fair use, safe harbor
    protection, infringement, damages, portfolio management.
  • Interplay of available IP protections, such as trademarks, designs and patents.
  • Assist clients with registering copyright applications in a number of verticals.
  • Focus on registering media works, Artistic work, Software and literary works.


Lex Koterie’s design practice centers provide clients with

  • Legal advice on various aspects of the Designs Act, 2000.
  • Routinely assists clients in filing and registration of designs.
  • Protecting of designs through various licensing and assignment agreements (as well as defending designs through suits in various forums).
  • Worked with clients in many verticals such as specialize in designs for medical
    instruments, software/GUI, and the fashion industry.